Lang Lawyers — About Our Firm

At Lang Lawyers, we focus on protecting the legal rights of those who are injured or ill. Our firm was founded by Aaron Lang, a veteran lawyer who has been fighting cases in Toronto, Ontario, for over 40 years. We are now joined by son, Josh Lang, an experienced lawyer and energetic practitioner in the fields of personal injury and long-term disability.

Together, we draw on over 55 years of combined experience to pursue maximal compensation for our clients in personal injury, premises liability and long-term disability claims.

Our Value Combination: Legal Strategy And Personalized Service

We aim for top results by using strong advocacy in fighting benefits claims. This means having a thorough understanding of the law and how insurance claims work. After years of practice, we have developed a strong sense of what to do and what to avoid when dealing with insurers. We know how to back up claims with solid supporting evidence and present each case to pursue maximal results.

While we take a targeted approach to achieving results, we also believe that the way we deal with clients is equally important. Many come to us after experiencing disappointment and discouragement from their dealings with insurers. We understand our clients' frustration and are always ready to provide assurance and support.

From the moment we meet with clients, we lighten the load by treating each one with dignity, cultivating a good rapport and providing a sense of comfort and relief. Once we take on a case, we remain close — providing practical guidance, being attentive to emotional needs and keeping in communication throughout the entire process. In our philosophy, that's simply part of being good lawyers.

We are confident that when you turn to us for help, you will be glad you did. We are ready to take over the weight of the legal burden and help you gain the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

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Our lawyers look forward to meeting you. If you are unable to come into our office, we can accommodate in-home or hospital visits. Call us at 800-653-6513 or email us to arrange a meeting.