Staunch Protection For Your Income During Long-Term Disability

You faithfully paid your premiums for long-term disability (LTD), either through work or a private policy. You rightfully expect that you will be able to draw on them in your time of need, whether that be due to physical or mental disability. But if you are like many claimants, you are stunned because the insurer denied your claim outright or cut short your payments.

If you are in such a situation, Lang Lawyers can step in and defend your rights. We are a firm that does not simply dabble in LTD claims. This is a core part of our practice and we are ready to use our legal knowledge and experience to fight your claim effectively and efficiently.

Denial Need Not Be The End Of The Line

Our lawyer, Josh Lang, has years of experience fighting disability claims at a leading LTD firm in Toronto, Ontario. He now brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our firm and is an energetic advocate for disabled clients.

Many come to us, desperate and worried. They no longer have an income, but their expenses continue to mount. Rest assured: we can help. We know that there are legal means to hold insurers to their obligations.

When you bring your case to us, you will no longer need to deal directly with the insurer. We will take over the weight of the legal burden for you. We will fight with vigour to gain you the income replacement benefit you deserve. As experienced long term disability lawyers, we will help you:

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During a complimentary consultation, we can analyze the facts and give you a clear idea of your options and chances. If we decide to work together, our lawyers will work out a solid legal strategy to gain the benefits you are entitled to. Arrange an appointment today by calling 800-653-6513 or filling in our online form.