What If The Insurer Denies My Long-Term Disability Claim?

Finding out that your claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits has been rejected or terminated is a crisis. If you are still recovering from an illness or injury, you are likely bewildered by the insurer's decision. You may wonder if you really have a case and if there is any recourse possible.

As experienced LTD claim lawyers at Lang Lawyers, we want to assure you that in many cases, it is possible to enforce your rights despite an insurer's unfavourable decision. We know how to do this strategically to gain a timely response and fair treatment from the insurer.

Why Your Claim May Have Been Denied

Our lawyers regularly represent clients with LTD claims in Toronto, Ontario. After evaluating hundreds of cases, we have seen a number of common reasons why claims are not approved. These may include:

  • An incorrect or incomplete initial application
  • Insufficient medical evidence
  • Failure to seek regular medical care or comply with treatment recommendations
  • Claims that you had a pre-existing medical condition
  • Ambiguity or loopholes in the insurance policy

Whatever the reason, we will carefully scrutinize your case to determine what went wrong. Many times, this is due to a mistake made by the insurer. If you have been treated unfairly, we will uncover the error and prepare a solid case to defend your rights under the law.

How We Support You Through The Process

The LTD claims process can take a while, so our first priority will be to help you find an immediate source of income replacement. During the course of your claim, you may need to apply for CPP Disability benefits or your long-term disability insurer may require you to do so, and we can help you through the process.

Next, we will assemble a case and give you practical guidance on things you can do and avoid doing to support your claim and increase your chances of success. We will also help you decide whether to appeal the insurer's decision or go straight into a lawsuit. If the insurer makes an offer, we will advise you on whether it's a fair one, and if it isn't we'll push harder for the outcome you deserve.

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