Fibromyalgia And Chronic Pain Lawyer

Chronic pain and fibromyalgia continues to attract both attention and acceptance as a valid injury or condition in the medical and legal communities. If you are suffering from a chronic pain injury, it is important to seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer who has experience in handling these claims.

Lang Lawyers offers the assistance you need. Our lawyers have served the Greater Toronto Area in personal injury matters for many years. We handle a wide range of legal matters. We are committed to personal service and helping our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries.

Chronic Pain And Fibromyalgia

Chronic pain is a condition which causes pain that persists or progresses over a long period of time. The pain may be related to a number of different medical conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, migraine, fibromyalgia, trauma or injury.

The Supreme Court of Canada has recognized that chronic pain and fibromyalgia are real and can be the result of a precipitating event, including trauma. This confirms that an injury sustained in a car accident can result in chronic pain that persists long after the physical symptoms of the injury have healed.

Helping You Get The Treatment And Compensation You Deserve

It is imperative you work with a knowledgeable lawyer, because chronic pain injury litigation can be challenging. Fighting a successful claim can be complex because this type of pain is difficult to prove. Psychological factors are often prominent in chronic pain litigation, because the pain is often not traced to any specific physical cause.

Lang Lawyers has the experience and in-depth knowledge necessary to handle these claims effectively. We will work with specialists in rehabilitative medicine and soft tissue injury experts to help present evidence in order to prove your injuries. Our experience will add strength to your disability claim, which will allow you to focus fully on your recovery.

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