Critical Illness Claims Lawyer

As an experienced personal injury firm in Toronto, our lawyers are seeing too many critical illness claims denied without proper justification. A disability or critical illness claims denial and/or a delay in payment can be devastating for claimants who are often in dire need of those funds while they struggle with their illness. If you are in such a situation, Lang Lawyers can help. We'll help you fight for as much money for your critical illness claims as you're entitled to.

Critical illness insurance, by definition, is an insurance policy in which the insurer is obligated to make a lump sum cash payment if the insured is diagnosed with a critical illness listed within the insurance policy's well-known "fine print". Conditions that are typically listed in a critical illness insurance policy are heart attack, stroke, cancer, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, blindness and other debilitating illnesses.

Why Claims Are Denied

Denied claims are often due to simple misrepresentation on the application. In other words, the insurer alleges that insured person was not truthful about his or her medical history when they applied for the insurance.

The definitions of "acceptable" critical illnesses listed in insurance policies are also becoming more narrow and more precise. This often leads to a higher percentage of claims denial and disputes as to whether the critical illness in question falls under the definition as set out in the policy. If your claim has been denied, we can help. We can navigate these grey areas in your insurance policy.

We Can Fight Your Claim

There is a growing body of case law in Canada that shows that the court often disagrees with the insurance company's position on misrepresentation. Also, sometimes there are grounds to make a claim against a negligent insurance broker or advisor who advised about a critical illness insurance policy or sold the policy. If a legal basis exists to defend your claim, we will find it and use it to your advantage.

There's no better time than the present if you intend on following through with claims filing. If you have experienced constant critical illness claims rejection, remember that it may not be the end of the road, although time is the most critical element in the filing process. Our lawyers can help you understand and consider all the steps involved.

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