Advocacy For Survivors Of Distracted Driver Accidents

Whether caused by texting, phoning, grooming or other factor, insurance claims involving distracted driving are becoming more common. In most cases, the driver does not have the time or attention to react and apply the vehicle's braking system. The injuries from these accidents can be very traumatic. If you have survived such an accident and are struggling to cope with the impact to your life, Lang Lawyers can help.

Navigating Through Complex Liability Issues

Our lawyers have been practising in personal injury law for many years in Toronto, Ontario. We have fought thousands of cases. We know how the injury claim process works and what needs to be done to gain the most reasonable outcome possible.

We can help you to pursue the accident benefits you need to support a good recovery. We may also be able to gain further compensation by bringing a lawsuit for you against the at-fault driver.

The challenge in these cases is in having the right kind of supporting evidence. As experienced distracted driver accident lawyers, we know what reports and evidence to investigate and how to analyze them. In some cases, we can obtain cellphone records to prove the driver's negligent use of a device while driving.

Protecting Your Right To Compensation

Our aim is to fight a solid case so that the insurance company takes your claim seriously and treats you fairly. We will provide you with practical guidance on how to track the impact of your injuries and all the steps you can take to help your case. By standing in as your advocate, we take the weight of the legal burden so that you can focus on your recovery.

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