Helping You Fight Retail Mall Injury Claims

An injury suffered on public premises can be both unexpected and painful. Foot, ankle, back and upper body injuries affect more than every type of activity individuals complete on a day-to-day basis. If you or a loved one is suffering from a falling injury, it is important to seek assistance from a lawyer in a timely manner.

Lang Lawyers will stand up for your rights. We have fought premises liability settlements and claims from falls in retail stores and malls in Toronto for years. We have years of legal experience and focus on helping clients get the maximum amount for their settlement. Our lawyers personally work with clients and are committed to providing hands-on representation.

Advocacy For A Range Of Falls In Retail Stores And Malls

Falls occur frequently in various retail stores and malls. Injuries can range from bruising, fractures and broken bones to those on the back and neck injuries. Our firm has handled many of these claims, including situations involving:

  • Trips over fallen merchandise
  • Falling debris from overhead shelves
  • Falling grocery bags
  • Signs falling and causing head injuries
  • Liquid and oil spills causing falls
  • Wet floors and cracked sidewalks

Our Firm's Approach To Handling Your Claim

When our firm works with a client, we conduct a full investigation of the situation. We determine what the standards of the premises are and whether the store had been practicing those standards for safety. We will examine how often cleaning occurs and what precautions were taken to ensure the premises was kept clean.

We will also determine liability in the situation and obtain the necessary information to prove that there were inadequate safety practices or noncompliance with guidelines. Our top priority is to maximize the medical benefits and financial compensation you deserve.

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