Josh Lang is a very professional and courteous lawyer whose expertise got me a fair settlement for my LTD claim within a year from start to finish. He is very knowledgeable in this area and I feel he was the best choice for my case. Josh was available to answer all my questions whenever they arose. His availability was paramount in me feeling comfortable with him. He really set my mind at ease from the beginning. Thank you Josh.


Dear Mr. Aaron Lang:

I would like to thank you very much for your service. When I had my L.T.D benefits unfairly taken away from me by my Insurance company, I didn't know what to do. When I met with you on the first consultation you gave me the confidence to not walk away but that I had the right to fight back against them.

Within the matter of one year you were able to collect all the evidence from various doctors and got the Insurance company to mediate. I was able to walk away with a settlement from the Insurance company. Now my family and I can finally go on with our lives.

Once again thank you Sir for all your help.

Sincerely Yours,



After sustaining a severe shoulder injury in a fall, I tried to find a law firm who would help me to get compensation from my landlord in Sudbury, Ontario.

For several months, I spoke with various lawyers in Sudbury and Toronto, but none of them wanted to work with me on a contingency basis to pursue my claim. I was unemployed and did not have the money to pay a normal retainer; contingency was my only option. I was badly disabled by this accident, and did not have any useful insurance coverage. The situation was very dire.

I found Aaron Lang on a search engine, and contacted him. Aaron agreed to represent me, and one year later I have received a settlement from the landlord's insurance company.

Aaron Lang provided me with steady and sound legal advice, and presented me with all of my options as the dialogue with the insurance company progressed. Even from a distance of 500 kilometres away in Toronto, he was able to facilitate all of the necessary processes to support my case and properly confront the defendant. He was diligent in gathering all the pertinent records and reports to substantiate my claim. His resourcefulness in finding information and testimony to support my position was extensive and impressive.

There are many law firms out there who will only take the simplest cases, and back away from claims that are more complicated. Things felt quite hopeless as I spoke with those people, but Aaron saw the merit of my case and applied his knowledge and experience to seek damages.

I highly recommend Aaron's services to anybody who is in a difficult injury situation.
Aaron Lang went to bat for me when nobody else would, and we won. Thanks, Aaron!

Anthony B.
Sudbury Ontario

I am truly gratified with the services Mr.Lang has provided us with. He went out of his way for us and proved his hard work and dedication, we are always welcomed with a positive and enthusiastic attitude and we appreciate his exceptional support.


Dear Mr. Lang

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the professional manner in which you handled my claim. I appreciated your patience and expertise in dealing with all aspects of the case.

Over the years I had occasion to work with several different lawyers, and I can say without a doubt that I will not hesitate to use your services again or to refer clients to you.

Thank you.


Dr. G. J. D.C., C.C.R.D.

Looking for help with my CPP disability case and I came across Aaron Lang's web site. It was very informative and as a result I made an appointment for a free consultation . Aaron was straight forward, informative and very down to earth when explaining the complete process. I finally found someone I could trust and hired him that afternoon. I'm glad I did, he made the whole process stress free and kept me up to date on everything. Needless to say he did win my case. Thank you for everything Aaron


I would highly recommend Aaron Lang to anyone who is need of help in fighting a disability claim.
Fighting for your disability claim is bad enough but doing so while sick is impossible.

This is where Mr. Lang shows his expertise in dealing with these matters. I firmly believe I would not have won my claim without him in my corner. I was able to talk to him anytime and he would listen patiently and he would always have an answer for me.

Aaron is a very professional lawyer who knows what needs to be done and does so with kindness and compassion.


I would highly recommend Mr. Lang as your long term disability lawyer. I have been fighting with the insurance company for a couple years trying to convince them I could not work at any job. I suffer from debilitating low back and sciatic pain and even though I had all the doctors on my side and CPP gave me benefits, the insurance company cut my monthly payments off. Within one year of hiring Mr. Lang to represent me, the insurance company offered me a lump sum which I was very satisfied with or I could be reinstated my monthly payments by the insurance company. Thank you Mr. Lang for standing up for me and my rights.


Thanks to you and Lang Lawyers for your effort and support with respect to the settlements in my three cases. Having to make my employer and insurance companies financially accountable was a first for me and for my family so having a lawyer whom we could trust was imperative. At every turn, I felt that you were working in my best interest. Thank you.

Your patience and empathy were key to my comfort. I appreciate how you always provided robust and logical answers to my inexperienced and "sometimes" ridiculous questions...and always with a patient smile.

I appreciate your availability, your counsel and your positivity throughout what was a very difficult and challenging ordeal. We had many discussions about strategy that were productive, insightful and provided comfort and confidence.

Please feel free to offer any future client's my contact information in order to provide a reference.

Thanks and best wishes always to you and your family.

B. P.