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PTSD On The Rise Among Ontario Classroom Teachers

Ontario teachers are under increasing stress as they struggle to cope with complex educational demands and growing behavioural problems among children. As a result, the average number of sick days teachers take off increased by 29 per cent between 2011 and 2016, according to a 2017 report by Ontario’s Auditor-General.

Elementary teachers are very concerned about the rise in violent incidents in elementary school classrooms. A 2017 survey by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario found 70 per cent of Kindergarten to Grade 6 teachers had been involved in a violent classroom incident or had witnessed a violent incident involving another teacher. Seventy-nine per cent of elementary school teachers believe that the number of violent classroom incidents has increased.

Personal Care Services: Are Your Needs Being Met?

If you, or someone you know, have been injured in an accident, your condition may prevent you from completing routine tasks within your own home. Holding a toothbrush, basic grooming, adjusting your clothes properly on your body - all of these tasks can become difficult to perform by yourself.


Has your nursing career ended with you needing care?

Nurses typically face a variety of safety hazards, depending on the setting in which they work. Due to these circumstances, there are numerous instances where many nurses are forced to take extended time off from work, and some unfortunately aren't able to recover enough to resume their careers.

Are you a registered nurse in Ontario who has to cope with the long-term health consequences of your profession? This could be an exceptionally challenging time if the LTD benefits you expected are denied or were cut short.

The hazards paramedics face may cause long-term disability

Paramedics are health care professionals who provide pre-hospital assessments and medical care to people with injuries or acute illnesses. In Ontario, they work on land or air ambulances and face hazards on every emergency to which they respond. Their emergency settings can include vehicle and workplace accidents, natural disasters, building collapses, and more.

If you are an emergency medical technician, paramedic or ambulance attendant, you must make on-the-spot decisions about emergency medical care while travelling to medical facilities -- often with lives on the line. Along with the physical harm you could potentially face, you also need exceptional psychological and emotional strength.

How will LTD impact your health and dental benefits?

If you are on long-term disability benefits due to an injury or illness after paying your premiums faithfully while you were healthy, you might have many unanswered questions. These questions might not only involve the claims process and the benefits you could expect to receive but also about what will happen to other job-related benefits such as dental and health benefits. If you are unable to go back to work, can your employer suspend those benefits?

If you were only employed by a business for a short time before you became disabled, your employer might not be willing to continue benefits for health and dental expenses until your LTD benefits terminate -- or at all. If your health deteriorates and you have significant costs to obtain the medication you require, your disability benefits may not be sufficient. If your employer then terminates your medical benefits, it could put you in a precarious position.

PTSD is prevalent among emergency workers -- what is it?

If you are a paramedic, a firefighter or another emergency worker in Ontario, the trauma you face while responding to emergencies every day will likely haunt you. While many people think only war veterans suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, first responders, correctional workers and even nurses face traumatic situations in which their attempts to save lives are not always successful. Their experiences often leave scars that few others notice.

You may not realize that long-term disability claims often include anxiety, depression and PTSD along with chronic pain. However, the avenues for claiming long-term disability can still be a bit bumpy and might require professional assistance.

Acute psychological reaction to trauma: the invisible injury

To most working people, a long-term disability (LTD) claim probably means compensation for a physical injury suffered on the job. Men and women who work with heavy equipment and machinery would certainly be familiar with this scenario. However, not all traumatic events cause physical damage, and an injury is not the only reason a worker may need to file a disability claim.

A traumatic event can have a severe psychological impact on anyone who witnesses it. Certain occupations are inherently more likely to see workers involved in stressful or even traumatic situations, but the potential exists in nearly every job field. Unfortunately, when workplace trauma does not leave a visible mark, it may be difficult to win a claim for LTD compensation.

Burnt Out At Work? It'll Soon Be High Season For Long-Term Disability

Long days, late hours, never-ending deadlines - if this describes your work existence during the economic ups and downs of 2016, you may soon be reaching the end of your rope. At least, that's what analysts at RBC Insurance are predicting for Canada's overall employment scene.

Number crunching has revealed a link between the country's gross domestic product (GDP) and the incidence of long-term disability (LTD) claims. With the latter half of 2017 looking brighter, we can expect to see more employees draw on their LTD benefits. Are you one of them?

Car accident on Gardiner Expressway injures several

A collision on Toronto's Gardiner Expressway has resulted in six people being transported to hospital, according to Traffic Services. Ontario authorities responded to the car accident around midnight in the early morning of Jan. 3. So far, neither of the two drivers involved in the accident have been charged with a crime.

The accident report is incomplete at this time, but it appears an eastbound limousine carrying three people rear-ended another vehicle going the same way. The second vehicle carried four occupants. The exact severity of the injuries suffered by six of the seven occupants is unknown, but it has been confirmed that a 24-year-old man riding in the struck vehicle was badly injured. His injuries are described as critical.

1 dead, child injured in Ontario car accident

A collision between a car and a transport truck has claimed one life and injured several other people, including a child, according to Peel Regional Police. The car accident reportedly took place on Ontario Highway 50 on the morning of Dec. 5. So far, police are not sure what caused the accident, but they are continuing to investigate at this time.

The accident report is sparse, but it has been confirmed that the vehicle was carrying five adults and a 6-year-old girl when the collision happened around 7 a.m. at the intersection of Highway 50 and Cottrelle Boulevard in Brampton. It is unclear what caused the collision, but the car somehow collided with a transport truck in the intersection. The force of the impact killed one woman, who was described as elderly.

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