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How you know if you qualify for Canada Pension Plan benefits

In Canada, assessments for disability benefits are performed when a person submits an application. You must have made sufficient contributions to the Canada Pension Plan over the course of your life to access these benefits. If you do not have enough contributions, then you may have your case rejected. If this happens and you believe it's a mistake, your lawyer can help you appeal.

How the Canada Pension Plan can work for you

When you retire, you can access the Canada Pension Plan if you've made at least one contribution that was deducted from your paycheck. This plan is in place to make sure everyone who contributed has a chance to receive an income after retirement. It can supplement your part-time income or be your entire retirement income depending on how your plan works out.

How the Canada Pension Plan works for individuals

The Canada Pension Plan is a retirement pension that can be accessed by those who have paid into it for a long enough time. Normally, you can access this benefit when you reach 65 years of age. If you've worked less because of having children or other circumstances, you may be able to get a stipend that increases the amount of your benefit overall.

What happens if I want to appeal a claim denial?

If you're attempting to get your Canada Pension Plan benefits approved and haven't had any luck, you can request to have the Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada, or ESDC, review your case a second time. Rejections are not uncommon; missing information, confusing statements or other issues can make it harder to get approved.

The Canada Pension Plan: The facts about benefits for children

If you become disabled or if you pass away, the Canada Pension Plan can help take care of your children while they're under the age of 25. This can be a major relief for families who would otherwise struggle with caring for children after the loss of an earning parent or with the loss of work thanks to a disability. According to the plan, if your child is in school or university full time, then he or she can receive benefits up to age 25. If not, benefits stop at 18.

What is the Canada Pension Plan survivor's pension?

When someone dies who has contributed to the Canada Pension Plan, a survivor's pension is paid to the common-law partner or legal spouse of the decedent. There are guidelines for determining who is a common-law partner, though. You must be in a conjugal relationship with your common-law partner for at least a year. Your partner can be of either sex.

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